Frequently Asked Questions: 

How does pawning work?

- Customers bring in their items, which are then assessed by our pawn-brokers. If a pawn is approved, a small loan is given with a lifespan of 90 days. Customers are charged 20% interest per 30 days (up to a max of 60%). It’s always easiest to remember that repayment of the loan is cheapest within the first 30 days.

What time is last pawn?

- Last Pawn is 5:30pm, and doors close at 5:45pm for the night.

Do you take Cell Phones?

- We do take cell phones, as long as they’re in mint conditions (no chips, cracks or scratches). If it’s an iPhone, you MUST have “Find My iPhone” turned off.

What kind of TV’s do you take?

- We take TV’s manufactured in 2013 or newer (you can typically find the date on the sticker at the back of the tv). LED and Smart TV’s are by far the most popular. We no longer take plasma tv’s, or tv’s without an attached bottom stand.